Managing is trusting

It’s been a year since I started moving from a software engineering position to a managing position.

It was not easy at first and I don’t think it will ever be.

At first, I couldn’t see the value of my work and I felt that free spaces in my agenda meant that I wasn’t working that much.

I had no objective way to see how much value my work had, so I started thinking that I should go back to coding.

After a few months, we were rolling out our first big feature.

And that’s the moment I had a click.

The decisions we took and the way we’ve dealt with problems were the key to a good rollout.

We had a lot of problems, but we were open to talk about it and to see how we could solve it. No blame, no hard feelings. An amazing open environment where we could talk about everything that’s on our minds.

This open environment created a network of trust that goes beyond work.

A network that led the team to a fast pace environment. Everyone connected to work their best to reach our goals.

The team is completely more focused and mature than before.

In the end, my job is to create an environment of free ideas and possibilities. Not to just decide things.

And I think I succeeded on that. And I’m happy that I kept going on a manager position.

It is the biggest accomplishment I’ve had so far in my career. A team that trust in each other, that want to spend time with each other and that are always learning and improving.

And I’ll always thank them for giving the feedbacks I needed and to support me.

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