Disagree and commit

I usually agree with most things that people want to do in our product.

It is not that I’m always trying to be nice. In fact, I’m usually the one making lots of questions. And that’s ok. We brainstorm and collaborate in a way that always work out.

However, there are times when things don’t go the way you want or believe it is best. You are moved to another team, you are assigned to an epic that you don’t believe in… But you are the one there to make things happen.

It is our job as managers to commit. Why? It would be too arrogant to believe that we’re always right. That we always have the right way and that we can always get to a common ground. It is part of our nature to have different thoughts about something and sometimes we reach a dead end.

It is ok to get to a dead end. However, you must be the one to turn around and join the others. You need to believe that it will eventually work out. In the end, your results are going to be shared. Lessons are going to be shared. That’s the value.

If we are too precious with an idea… we’ll be stuck. And we’ll never know how it would’ve been. We’ll never learn. You can fail once, but not twice.

Finally, you need a team to be with you. If you are not committed, how can you expect anyone to be?

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